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We’ll build out and run traffic to an affiliate landing page FOR YOU so you consistently get new affiliate sign-ups without having to lift a finger.
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With a strong affiliate program, you won't ever worry about where your next customer is coming from again
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Meet our team of professionals. Each of us invests as much as possible for the development of our product and approaches the solution of any problem with love!
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Christian Bonnier
Andre Haykal Jr
Dan Crowley
Julia Yuvchenko
Oliver Schmalholz
Co-Founder & CEO
A visionary strategist
Christian Bonnier
Co-Founder & Chief Creative
A rock star copywriter
Andre Haykal Jr
Co-Founder & COO
A strategic advisor
Dan Crowley
Co-Founder & CRO
A lead generation planner
Julia Yuvchenko
A marketing manager
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Deal pipeline for deal flow
Frequently Asked Questions
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What type of companies are the best fit for UnicornConnect?
You are a subscription company (e.g. SaaS, Martech, marketing services etc.) that has found product-market fit and you want to dramatically scale your revenues. It doesn’t matter if you are a start-up or a well established brand. Eventually we will target non-subscription, eCom and other industries. For now, we are laser focused on this type of business.
What is the difference between your affiliate program and business development service?
The business development service is best used when you require a demo or 1-on-1 conversations to generate leads or sell. If you can close vetted prospects, UnicornConnect will place targeted lead opportunities directly in your calendar.

The affiliate program is best used when you have a self-service option that doesn’t require 1-on-1 conversations and you can market to many. In other words, you have a funnel that converts. UnicornConnect will find you partners across relevant channels, and help facilitate the process to have these new partners promote your offering.
I don’t have an affiliate/partner program yet, can you assist setting it up?
Our team has decades of combined partnership and affiliate experience with major brands and specialized industry players. We do have a done-for-you solution available - details will be provided during the onboarding call.
Can we keep our existing affiliate tracking platform?
You can continue to use the affiliate/partner management platform you currently use. We are agnostic in this sense. We have customers using First Promoter, Tapaffiliate, Partnerize, LeadDyno etc. If you are about to launch an affiliate program, and haven’t selected a tracking platform, we will go over some recommendations on your onboarding call.
Our affiliate program is underperforming
Our audit process will discover the underlying issue. In many cases it’s just because your program is missing one of the components necessary to succeed. To succeed with a partner program, three things need to be in place: 1) A strong solution to a problem (product) 2) A solid/cool brand (company/founder/team) 3) An appealing business proposition for affiliates (terms and resources).
What are the terms an affiliate program should have?
You should clearly spell out: Commission terms, payout (How often? When? How?), refund policy, cookie lifetime, first or last cookie, FAQ, program agreement, any restrictions, and any resources you will provide them to help them to promote your product.
What’s the best type of commission structure for affiliates?
Many of the most successful affiliate subscription programs have recurring commissions. In our onboarding, we will provide you with detailed market comparisons so you can make an informed decision.
What channels will be used to generate leads or customers?
Based on your audiences we will utilize the following channels: Email, blogs, banner ads, price comparison sites, review sites, social, YouTube, podcasts, webinars, paid traffic, and listicles. You can opt out of certain channels like paid PPC advertising.
We are located outside the US, can we partner with you to expand into the US market?
If you are international and you’d like to access the US market (at this time we cover all English speaking markets) we are the perfect partner for your expansion plans. To date we have worked with brands from Europe, Israel, India, Mexico and Australia.
What is the process to get started?
The first step is a short 15-minute discovery call to discover if we are a good fit, and can assist you in achieving your growth goals. Assuming a fit, the next step is a 1-hour Zoom call where we go over an onboarding checklist. Feel free to invite any team members to this call. Once you have provided us with all of the checklist items, we will get you set up and provide you with a project plan. We’ll do some A/B testing to 100 prospects. If benchmarks are met, we’ll launch the full campaign, otherwise we’ll keep tweaking things until we get the results you need.
I’m curious, how do you do it?
Great question - we get this all the time. The heart of our solution is our unmatched proprietary data acquisition and processing engine that ensures optimum audience match for maximum impact.
Acquire more customers and generate more revenue without spending a penny on ads
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With a landing page + video sales letter built specifically for your affiliate program, your customers will be able to easily seek out and sign up as affiliates for your brand. From there, they'll promote your products to their audiences and drive organic traffic and new customers!
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How to find affiliates in your target market
Affiliate marketing can be a great way to increase your reach and generate sign-ups for your product fully organically.
Sep 19, 2022
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